Will Holistic Pet Food Actually Extend Your Pet’s Life?

Have you ever wondered what happens to those nasty containers of used burnt frying grease that sit behind every fast food restaurant? I’ll bet you thought that they were recycled and turned into biofuels and used to run vehicles. If this is what you thought you were partly right, in that these vats of “grease poison” are in fact recycled but it is pet food manufacturers who are one of the major benefactors of this process.No Nutrient Greasy Pet FoodThats right! They spray it on the dog and cat food kibble that you feed your pets to give it some flavor, because the new “hybrid high yield” corn varieties that kibble is mostly made from, now taste like chalk. These new corn hybrids also have far less protein and nutrients as well, because they have been bred out of them in the quest for higher yields per acre.

Safer Healthier Holistic Pet FoodsThis is why more and more people are turning to holistic pet foods to raise their pets on. How would you feel if you were fed a diet of primarily corn and recycled restaurant grease every day? What would be your life expectancy? Would you feel like going out and playing catch with your fiends? The fact is that you are what you eat and studies have already proven that a diet of greasy fast food will leave you depressed, overweight and disease ridden.Save on Vet Bills With Holistic Pet FoodsBut isn’t it a little more expensive to feed your dog or cat good holistic pet food? Not when you factor in that you are going to have a far more healthier pet that isn’t going to have you running back and forth from the veterinarians office in a few short years. Also, there is a life quality factor that must be considered. Is your dog or cat really bringing you enjoyment if they are chronically depressed and continually sleeping off an upset stomach? Maybe now is the time to give holistic pet food a try and see if you can notice the difference in your pets behavior and disposition.